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14 Nov

Scotland’s History Festival

Since yesterday, Scotland’s History Festival has begun in the capital. But don’t worry; you still have time to enjoy this festival as it will stay until November 30th! Why yesterday? It begins on 13th November to coincide with RLS (Robert Louis Stevenson) Day, which features a whole host of events to celebrate the life of one of history’s most incredible writers.

'Previously...' Scotland’s History Festival exists to spotlight and showcase Scotland’s History. The festival is the largest history event in the UK, running over three weeks in November. Now in its 4th year, the festival will be the biggest, with more events across more locations than ever before.

Over 140 events will take place across Edinburgh, Glasgow, Stirling, Moffat, Dunfermline and St Andrews from the 13th to 30th of November, exploring 5000 years of history in 18 days.

You’ll be able to find the program and more information about the festival on the official website

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07 Nov

Scotland's largest graffiti

Already in Progress, the new graffiti art project in Edinburgh will become Scotland’s largest street art project.

Indicative of the love of the art in the city, More than 60 street and graffiti artists will team up at Edinburgh's New Waverley construction site to produce one of the largest public artworks of its kind in the UK.

Graffiti artists are for the moment focused on The Arches on East Market Street, working to a Bonfire Night theme. Artist Chris Rutterford, a founding member of WIPE, said: “This is the first stage of a hugely significant project set to transform perceptions of street art. The most exciting aspect of the project is its dynamic, ever changing nature.”

But the Arches on East Market Street is just the first step of that project: a 200-metre hoardings strip on New Street are also part of the plan and some new places will be known later in the month.

It’s time to see art in Scotland!

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31 Oct

Edinburgh folks are the happiest

A new research claims that Edinburgh folks are the happiest in the land. However the council cutbacks or the fail in the independence attempt, it seems that Edinburgh people are still the happiest folks in the United Kingdom!

More than that, the survey lead by shopping Channel QVC have found the 10 most reasons of the Edinburgh folks’ happiness. Here it is: A Compliment, Sunny Days, Climbing into a clean bed, an unexpected gift, a Hug, Laughter, Finding money, a good book, seeing snow fall and babies giggling!

Last but not least, 39 per cent of Edinburgh people asked said they had received a ‘pick me up’ gesture within the past day which means that they also enjoy spreading the happiness!

If you want to understand why they are so happy, you will be obliged to go there!

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24 Oct

A fast-growing Edinburgh centre to help technology companies

The company CodeBase which helps young people and newly-started companies to grow has announced that they will now provide space for students at Edinburgh College to work with firms' chief executives and founders so they can develop their business plans. This new building will be called CodeSpace.

Jamie Coleman, founder and chief executive, said: "Digital literacy is one of the most important enablers of a successful modern economy, so it's crucial that we open up digital learning to as many of Scotland's young and interested people as possible.”

CodeBase will also provide online teaching materials in order to help students to bring their idea in life. Regarding Mandy Exley, principal of Edinburgh College, "Scotland has 11,000 digital job vacancies and this is one of the government's key economic growth areas, so giving this next generation of leading tech entrepreneurs a head start while they're at college is really important."

Interested in stating up a tech business? Edinburgh, and the EazyCity team, would be pleased to welcome you!

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17 Oct

Edinburgh attractions for tourism awards

The Scottish Thistle Awards has nominated a number of leading tourism attractions and businesses in Edinburgh in the shortlists to win awards. It’s an annual competition celebrating industry champions which have gone the extra mile to offer an outstanding visitor experience.

A panel, comprising of some of the most senior figures in Scottish tourism as well as tourism ambassadors such as Nick Nairn, Martin Wishart, television presenter Kaye Adams and the man behind T in the Park, Geoff Ellis, will be responsible for determining the national winners in each category.

Winners will be revealed on 5th March 2015 during the closing night of Scottish Tourism Week in Glasgow. Please find below attractions and businesses in Edinburgh which are nominated and in which categories:

  • Edinburgh International Science Festival and Unique Events Edinburgh’s Hogmanay in the best Event or Festival Category
  • The Real Mary King’s Close, Bo’ness and Kinneil Railway in the best visitor attraction category
  • The Kitchin, Kyloe and Wedgwood in the best restaurant experience
  • Mimi’s Bakehouse and Roseleaf Bar Café in the best informal eating experience
  • The Bridge Inn at Ratho in the Most hospitable B & B category
  • Afternoon Tea Tours and Rabbie’s Small Group tours in the discovering Scotland category
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10 Oct

800 new Jobs, 500 new homes

500 homes could be built and let at a more affordable rent before being sold on, with existing tenants given priority to buy.

Around 800 jobs could be supported thanks to the construction of these houses. Housing Minister Margaret Burgess said: “Despite Westminster’s cuts to our capital budget the Scottish Government is doing everything possible to stimulate growth, maximise our investment in housing and deliver our target of 30,000 new, affordable homes over the lifetime of this parliament.”

Edinburgh council has already provided loans of more than £45 million for 422 homes, with the construction of a further 94 homes in the Western Harbour area due to start soon.

Instead of having independence, Scots will have new homes and jobs!

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03 Oct

Scottish Independence isn’t buried?

Pro-independence campaigners still don’t agree with the results of the September 18 referendum. It’s the second day that they gathered in front of the Scottish Parliament to claim a revote.

Many of those in attendance were still sporting badges, signs and banners in support of the Yes campaign, which won 45% of the vote on September 18th.

According to them, a referendum needs to be “counted by impartial international parties” and more than 94 000 people signed a petition calling for a revote of a Scottish Referendum.

While we thought that Scottish Independence issues would be finished after the referendum, the campaigners said that “The dream will never die as long as we have gatherings like this.”

Now, it’s time for the UK government to find the right balance about power that will give the Scottish Government order to calm the crowd.
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26 Sep

A bus app for Blind travellers

A new application will be launched before Christmas that will help Blind travellers to use public transports in the city easier.

Professor Stephen Gilmore is the creator of this application which not only tells people where the right bus stops are but also connects with Lothian Buses’ own system to track where individual buses are.

For the moment, about 15,000 people are registered blind in the city and would be potential clients for this application. Professor Gilmore said that “providing accessible information and making people feel confident in travelling alone is not only empowering but vital.”

It shows again the wish of the city to improve their public transports after the declaration of the chief executive of Transport for Edinburgh “All of our buses are low-floor easy access and our newest buses all have next stop information announcements on screen and in audio.”

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19 Sep

New survey: Edinburgh is the safest city in Britain

1724 adults across the UK reply to this survey and show that Edinburgh is considered as one of the safest place in the world. Nearly seven in ten hail streets of Edinburgh as secure streets.

Only 14% of the surveyed people think that the city is unsafe, compared to the 38% for the city of Glasgow. Chief Superintendent Mark Williams, Edinburgh divisional commander, said: “It is very pleasing to see that the safety of Edinburgh is held in such high regard across the country, with tourism playing a big part in the life of the city and the number of visitors booming particularly in the summer months.”

Opposition politicians criticized the survey saying that it’s due to the residential character of the city, and it’s not representative of the diverse neighbourhoods.

Anyway Councillor Cammy Day concluded “It’s a great news that Edinburgh remains one of the, if not the, safest city in the UK. Our own people’s survey showed 91 per cent of residents said they felt safe after dark”.
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12 Sep


The 18th of September is the date chosen for the referendum in Scotland in which the citizens will vote whether be independent from the UK or not. Only over 16 and residents in Scotland will go to the ballot box to vote.

In recent months some famous campaigns with recognized leaders tried to calm the mind and convince the Scottish people that to be united is the best solution. The most famous campaign has been "Let's Stay Together" led by Mick Jagger and supported by Stephen Hawking, JK Rowling and more than 200 personalities.

In recent surveys the "yes” is proclaimed as winner one week held the referendum and it is the first time that this has happened since the consultation was announced and has caused nervousness in the London Stock Exchange. Just a few days there was also confirmation that the Duchess of Cambridge is expecting her second child and that the UK Government would assign more power to Scotland if they remain united.

Many eyes on the referendum and its consequences, and the news are happening. 18th of September has already entered history.

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