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20 Jun

Edinburgh International Film Festival

The Edinburgh International Film Festival has started with success last Wednesday, the 18th of June, 2014. It will last 12 days and will finish the 29th of June.

Created in 1947, this year is the 68th edition. The festival which takes place in the capital of Scotland, has a rich and diversified program, with 156 movies from 47 different countries.

If you missed the opening film of the festival, it was Hyene, a thriller set in London, which we discussed in our previous article. It is actually part of 9 movies nominated to have “the Michael Powell Award for Best New British Feature Film”.

This year, the festival focuses on Germany and Iran. Concerning Germany, the film “A City Is Blackmailed” will be presented, which is about the economic and social fallout in the post reunification East Germany. Regarding Iran, the film “Apparition” about the family secrets of a drunken general, will be presented.

You can check for remaining tickets and to check the movies which will be presented each day, at the official site of the festival. 

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12 Jun

Murrayfield ice rink host of an uncommon ice-skating show

Murrayfield ice rink will host a spectacular ice-skating show this august.

A French Canadian troupe named Le Patin Libre will stage a performance that mix contemporary dance show and party on ice.

Don’t expect to see any of what you can attend from a classic ice-skating show like “Dancing on ice”. The spectacle is considered a world away from that.

Their performance has been described by TimeOut London as “The anti-dancing on ice” and by the BBC news as “Ice skating, but not as we know it”. It will for sure surprise you.

Le Patin Libre has been seen in France, Switzerland, Germany, and England. They are recognised as real pioneers in their domain.

Each of the 12 performances that will be hosted between the 3 and the 23 August will be followed by a meet and greet with the artists. The public will even be invited to try dancing on the ice for themselves!

You can check here for more information:

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06 Jun

The google street view « axe murder » case solved

A google street view user called the police he discovered a crime scene while navigating in Giles street with its computer.

The Google user saw a man with a pickaxe towering over what seemed to be an unconscious body.

The police rushed to the scene and discovered that luckily, it was a prank. 

The scene had been shot 1 year ago by the Google car when it passed through Edinburgh. 2 mechanics spotted the car rounding the street corner and improvised that scene.

The shots went online a few months after the day they have been captured and the pranksters had the time to forget about it until their friends started to ring them.

However they were mortified when the police showed up with a report about a man being massacred in front of the garage.

Hopefully, the police officers took it with humour. Still, they advise anyone with concerns of this type to call the 101.

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30 May

Accor new Adagio and summer Philadelphia line

Accor has announced that it will open a new extended stay/apart hotel in Edinburgh in 2017.

The 146 apartment property will be part of a £150 million investment in the former Caltongate area, in the historic old town.

The new structure will help to keep re-vitalize the town and create new job opportunities.

However, if you didn’t plan to stay in Edinburgh until 2017 and you want to go away, a new airline between the Scottish capitals and Philadelphia will open during the summer and until October.

If you already decided to move, it could be the time to check how it is going in the US. The new route will be departing daily from Edinburgh at 10:40am and will arrive at 12:50pm local time. The return flight will depart at 8:50pm and arrive in Edinburgh at 8:40am local time.

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23 May

A 127 bedroom’s hotel will supply the tram with passenger

An office block in the city centre of Edinburgh will be refurbish into a budget hotel. This 17£ million operation will take place in front of one the main stops of the new tram line: York place.

The opening of this new hostel owned by Whitbread (and which will be a Premier Inn) will create around 40 jobs with half being offered to the long-term unemployed.

It could help to improve the dynamism of the new tram line that will open at the end of the months due to huge delays and cost over-runs.

In the meantime, the price for a return ticket airport/city by tram centre has been revaluated to 8£, which is a 50% increase in comparison of the first price announced.

This increase made before that even the first passenger entered in the tram should help the new transport to be money-self-sufficient. 

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16 May

The thriller Hyena will premiere at film Festival

The Edinburgh International Film festival will take place between the 18 and 29 June will launch the premiere of the eagerly awaited thriller: Hyena.

Produced by the award-winning Stephen Woolley (winner and  nominated for The Crying Game – 1992), Hyena will follow the path of a self-destructive police officer while some Albanian Gangsters are threatening to change London’s criminal landscape.

The Edinburgh International Film festival has premiered many notable movies of the industry such as Moon, Ratatouille, Little Miss Sunshine, Tsotsi, Billy Elliot… So don’t miss out this one, it might be a new pearl.

Hyena will be screened on Wednesday 18th June.

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17 Apr

Imaginate Festival 2014

The Imaginate Festival will celebrate its 25th birthday this year and will take place between the 5th and the 12th of May.

This Festival is designed especially for kids and runs each year. It is a Scottish spectacle but also incorporates representative from all over the world. In 2014, artists from Australia, Germany, Italy, Norway and Netherlands will come to entertain the youth.

14 spectacles will be performed throughout the event, for example The Adventures of Alvin Sputnik Deep Sea Explorer, a one-man-show that uses puppetry, animation, projections and music to tell the story of Alvin, a quiet hero that loses his love in the depths of the ocean.

The Imaginate Festival is a good opportunity to once again live your childhood . You can check the full programme on the official website:
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10 Mar

Job opportunities with Skyscanner

Skyscanner aims high. The Scottish search engine was born as a site where to compare flights, but has grown very fast. After acquiring Fogg, a hotel search company, Skyscanner has become a point of reference among the travel search sites. Its founders have a clear mind about the future: in a year and half they want Skyscanner to be the top travel site. And the path to walk is simple and plain. They need talent.

There are many open positions at the central office in Edinburgh at the moment. Sales, marketing and IT engineering are just three examples of the teams you could work in. The market development team is interesting especially for foreign people.

The image Skyscanner wants to have is of a young and friendly company; Skyscanner wants to find talents and new ideas to grow constantly. It represents a great opportunity for young qualified people to start a career in Scotland.

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